Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte has been my favorite book in the world since I was about 16; in that light, I’m very picky about Jane Eyre retellings, sequels, or spoofs. Jane Steele, with the brilliant tagline “Reader, I murdered him,” completely took me by surprise and blew me away with its dark humor, and general awesomeness. It’s a pretty morbid homage to Bronte’s work, but manages to capture the strength, romance, and subversiveness of the original story, while creating something new and wond


Dear Martin by Nic Stone is, simply put, incredible. The emotional impact of the story cannot be overstated; inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement and the shootings of un-armed African-American young people, this novel is critically important to the current moment. Justyce, a black teen attending a prep school far removed from the rougher neighborhood he grew up in, begins to write letters to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr as a way to examine his teachings after being profiled and handcuffed by


Ever imagined what it would be like to be trapped on a train for the whole summer with your moms, hyperactive younger sister, activist older sister, and her recycling-obsessed boyfriend? Neither had Sara, until her blogger mom wins a Writer in Residency on Amtrak. What follows is a story full of heart and humor that I couldn’t get enough of. I was already a fan of Dana Allison Levy’s before I picked this up, thanks to her Family Fletcher books, but I loved how this one brought us across the coun


Seventh grader Nick Reeves is having a tough time. His mother has been diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's and has had to move into a nursing home; Nick is convinced of a misdiagnosis, and is determined to rescue his mother. Despite a heavy premise, Rosen manages to keep the story from being bogged down by angst and loss, with moments of lightness and well-rounded secondary characters, particularly Nick's father, and his friend Nat. The story is also broken up by weaving it together with


Here's the thing: I never really got on the zombie bandwagon. The movies, the books, the apocalypse scenarios... They just never caught my imagination. Until Dread Nation. This is the reimagined Civil War Era historical fiction zombie book I never knew I needed. Because, when it comes down to it, Dread Nation isn't about zombies. It's about race and power structure in the United States; it's about the scary, privileged majority shaping the world to their advantage; and it's about young women of

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