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Local Authors

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Flashlight Books is no longer accepting consignment requests.

We wish all authors the best of luck in their book journey!


For your book to be considered you must:

  • Have your book professionally edited and bound. The title and the author’s name must both be printed visibly on the spine.

  • Live in the San Francisco East Bay area or your book must be set in this area.

  • Be committed to driving sales to the bookstore.


We do not accept any books published by Amazon or its subsidiaries.


Book queries must be sent through e-mail to We do not accept solicitations by phone or in-person visits. When submitting a query through e-mail you must include:

  • Book title

  • Book ISBN (Books without ISBNs will not be accepted)

  • Your name

  • A brief (5-10 sentence summary) of your book.

  • Why you feel your book is a good fit for Flashlight Books. (We expect our authors to be familiar with our store; please take the time to visit our website, our social media and/or – better yet! – our physical location.)

  • Your marketing plans for your book.

Please do not send physical samples of your book before you have sent us an email. If we feel your book sounds like it may be a good fit, we will request a review copy. Review copies become property of The Bookstore and will not be returned. 


After reviewing your book, we will make the decision on whether to carry it.  Queries that do not follow these guidelines will not be considered.


Other things to know:

  • We do not accept new consignment submissions in November or December.

  • Consignment payouts are by the industry standard of 60/40 – The Author receives 60% of the sales income and The Bookstore retains 40%.

  • Consignment is paid out three times a year, in January, May, and October.

  • We review books’ performances three times a year, in January, May, and October. If your book is not selling well we will end your consignment contract.

  • The Bookstore is not responsible for books that are damaged or stolen.

  • The Author is responsible for picking up any remaining inventory at the end of their consignment contract. Any inventory unclaimed after 30 days will be donated at the discretion of The Bookstore.

Conventionally Published

Not self-published but want us to consider your book? Please e-mail your book title and ISBN to us at If we feel it is a good fit and it is available through Ingram at a discount of 30% and returnable we will order it.

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