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Illuminating Our Mission...
Flashlight Books' logo image: a child sits reading in an illuminated tent.

About Flashlight Books...

Flashlight Books is an independent bookstore dedicated to promoting a sustained love of reading in children - particularly in their teen and pre-teen years, when they most need the messages of empathy and the diverse viewpoints that books provide. We are a space that is community-focused and celebrates curiosity, passion, and learning. In addition to being a store for books, we will host events, create a tutoring space, and run programs for kids and teens. Flashlight Books aims to be a place where families feel welcomed, kids feel safe, and young adults feel supported.

When first we discussed what we wanted to call our store, we hit upon an image (and a shared experience): a girl in her pajamas, covers pulled up over her head, flashlight lit as she reads late into the night. We decided on the name 'Flashlight Books' because we want to go one step further than merely selling books in a store. We want to share our genuine passion for stories, for the written word, with our clientele.  


One of the major goals of Flashlight Books is to capture that love and enthusiasm that coaxes us to stay up for “just one more chapter" and encourage it in teens and preteens, when reading for fun seems to fall by the wayside, up against busy schedules and assigned books. We want reading to be fun again, and for our store to be a place where kids want to come join in an open mic night, attend a book club meeting, or sit down for a tutoring session. And, of course, pick out a new book.

"Imagine him happy. Imagine him spinning in circles... Imagine his heaven, where he can float through characters and books at will. (Let's dream him up a king, a giant, a boy who can fly.) Imagine him already there, under his covers with the flashlight.” 
- Rebecca Makkai
The Borrower

“Reading is a tool no one can take away. A million bad things may happen in life and it'll still be with you, like a flashlight that never needs a battery. Reading can offer a crack of light on the blackest of nights.” 

-  Blue Balliett

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