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GummyGoods Gummy Bear Light-Up Keychain

SKU 00123
In stock
Product Details

Embedded LED light will put your smartphone flashlight to shame (don't worry, we'll let them down easy.) Embedded LED Light that shines bright. Keychain bears arrive with batteries included which are fully replaceable. Also comes with a sturdy metal ring so Gummygoods bear can latch onto even your most wild adventures. Sturdy metal ring to attach it anywhere Just give it a squeeze! Like the full size Gummygoods bear Nightlight, keychain bears have a tummy squeeze switch. Keep that posable thumb handy and you're good to go. The Gummygoods bear's soft yet durable body and pint-size make it fun to fiddle with and keep your hands busy. If you like to keep a stress ball or putty nearby, this is the accessory for you

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